Universal Cardigan

Unisex One Size - Standard / Classic Black
A hooded cardigan sustainably made of Lenzing’s certified TENCEL™Lyocell blend perfect for travel, working from home, or lounging on the weekend. Thoughtfully engineered to be versatile, functional, and made for all sizes, ages, body types, genders, and lifestyles. Wear it with the hood up or down as a cozy duster, robe, or wearable blanket. Whatever your day has in store for you, the Universal Cardigan will always fit just right.
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Functional, Versatile, Inclusive

Designed for Life

We designed the Universal Cardigan for living, not just travel. It has two zippered pockets along with another 2 hidden pockets--perfect for safely storing your keys, wallet, phone or passport. It also has a convertible, draped collar that transforms into a hood, and extra long sleeves for you to curl up in a chair with a favorite book. The buttery soft TENCEL lyocell and organic cotton blend is naturally light-weight, so you look cool, calm, and collected even when you're internally screaming.
Functional, Versatile, Inclusive

Designed to Move

It's endlessly versatile so whether you’re a professional staying stylish and cozy for a virtual board meeting, or enjoying a romantic date night in, the Universal Cardigan will always fit the occasion. And, once you’re able to embark on traveling adventures again, the Universal Cardigan will be ready for the journey.
Functional, Versatile, Inclusive

Designed for All

The Universal Cardigan is that it’s designed for ALL genders, body types, and lifestyles. Our Standard size fits from a Women's small all the way to a Men's large. The silky soft fabric flows with your body and can be quickly adjusted to move seamlessly from one occasion to the next. Not sure what size fits you? Need more help? Visit our sizing page or click on the chat bubble in the lower left corner and talk to a real human.


30 miles
Factory to fulfillment

The Universal Cardigan only travels 30 miles from the factory in Los Angeles to the fulfillment center Pacoima, meaning we save on fuel costs and cut down on carbon emissions.

Plastic Content

6% of the Universal Cardigan is made of Spandex, a synthetic fabric made of petroleum products (plastic). The remaining 94% is made of organic cotton and lyocell, which is biodegradable.



Blend of 66% Certified TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% organic cotton, and 6% Spandex
Machine gentle or hand wash cold, lay flat to dry
Country of Origin
Made in Los Angeles, USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I never want to take it off + Miracle Stain Disappearance

(5'3", normally a L or XL) This is by far the most comfortable thing I own. The Tencel is soft and lightweight but offers warmth without being stifling. I have been wearing it nonstop, even around the house.

Which leads me to my first but inevitable spill on my cardigan. I was terrified I just ruined it, but a warm wet wipe off and laid out to dry overnight and you honestly can't even tell anything happened.

If I could offer one small criticism, due to the amount of fabric and lack of fitted structure, it does make it a little difficult to put your arms through properly (for context, I have EDS) but tbh this may just be my lack of familiarity in clothes of this style. I'm sure I'll get it with practice, and tbh I'd still get another even with this.

Perfect cardigan!

The material is so smooth and feels really nice - it has some weight to it, and it drapes SO wonderfully on the body, super flattering. It's one-size-fits-all, basically - I'm 5'2 and the front hangs to just below the knee on me, which is just the right length in my opinion! I love all the pockets, and the little loop to cinch the front closed is genius. I could see wearing this with just about anything - dressed up or down, in any season.


the cardigan is soft and pleasingly, not onerously, heavy. it is sometimes a little difficult to find the arm holes when putting it on, and the width of the convertible collar means that i've more than once tried to put it on upside down, but it is generally easily orientable thanks to the label. i also sometimes mistake the front zipper pocket for the flap of the side pocket, if that makes sense? so i end up trying to put my hand behind the front zipper pocket, haha. i'm extremely happy with the pockets, though! spacious, soft, and well-secured to the cardigan lining. oh, and it's warm, but not stiflingly so!

big props to janelle et al on kickstarter success and fulfillment! glad to support a local, sustainable, woc-owned business :)

Almost absolutely perfect

I love almost everything... only one thing on my wish list. I love the fabric, the weight, the way it hangs. The only change I would request is that the back is cut longer. Because the weight of the front, the back rides up. I would love it if the back covered the booty better. After a few minutes the back has hiked up and my booty is exposed, so then I am constantly tugging on it. I”m still wearing it with everything this spring.

Cozy, heavy, stylish cardigan

Very warm and comfortable to hang out in, but looks very fancy. Pay attention to the care instructions and don't hang it up!