I closed Stellari on December 11, 2022 --just a few days short of our 3rd anniversary. Unfortunately, the pandemic was a challenge too difficult to overcome for millions of businesses around the world. That includes us. When we launched our sustainable brand at the start of 2020, we had big plans for our summer launch. When the pandemic hit, we threw our plans out the window and focused on masks. Through our #MaskUp Indiegogo fundraiser we were able to donate 10,000 masks to local Los Angeles hospitals. I'm proud that we were uniquely positioned to make a big difference during the pandemic because we insisted on working with local Los Angeles factories and suppliers. While supply chains were falling apart, our local factories were able to make masks for first responders when they needed it most. We couldn't have done that without you. I sincerely appreciate everyone who supported me and trusted me on this journey. Love, Janelle