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I never want to take it off + Miracle Stain Disappearance

(5'3", normally a L or XL) This is by far the most comfortable thing I own. The Tencel is soft and lightweight but offers warmth without being stifling. I have been wearing it nonstop, even around the house.

Which leads me to my first but inevitable spill on my cardigan. I was terrified I just ruined it, but a warm wet wipe off and laid out to dry overnight and you honestly can't even tell anything happened.

If I could offer one small criticism, due to the amount of fabric and lack of fitted structure, it does make it a little difficult to put your arms through properly (for context, I have EDS) but tbh this may just be my lack of familiarity in clothes of this style. I'm sure I'll get it with practice, and tbh I'd still get another even with this.

Perfect cardigan!

The material is so smooth and feels really nice - it has some weight to it, and it drapes SO wonderfully on the body, super flattering. It's one-size-fits-all, basically - I'm 5'2 and the front hangs to just below the knee on me, which is just the right length in my opinion! I love all the pockets, and the little loop to cinch the front closed is genius. I could see wearing this with just about anything - dressed up or down, in any season.


the cardigan is soft and pleasingly, not onerously, heavy. it is sometimes a little difficult to find the arm holes when putting it on, and the width of the convertible collar means that i've more than once tried to put it on upside down, but it is generally easily orientable thanks to the label. i also sometimes mistake the front zipper pocket for the flap of the side pocket, if that makes sense? so i end up trying to put my hand behind the front zipper pocket, haha. i'm extremely happy with the pockets, though! spacious, soft, and well-secured to the cardigan lining. oh, and it's warm, but not stiflingly so!

big props to janelle et al on kickstarter success and fulfillment! glad to support a local, sustainable, woc-owned business :)

Almost absolutely perfect

I love almost everything... only one thing on my wish list. I love the fabric, the weight, the way it hangs. The only change I would request is that the back is cut longer. Because the weight of the front, the back rides up. I would love it if the back covered the booty better. After a few minutes the back has hiked up and my booty is exposed, so then I am constantly tugging on it. I”m still wearing it with everything this spring.

Cozy, heavy, stylish cardigan

Very warm and comfortable to hang out in, but looks very fancy. Pay attention to the care instructions and don't hang it up!

[Kickstarter Reward] The Universal Cardigan

Best masks

I have been sewing for two decades, so at the start of the pandemic, naturally I made my own masks. Now- I like my masks- they're good!- but if I know I'll be wearing my mask for any length of time through the day, I will always, always, always root through my clean mask basket to find a Stellari mask. They fit my 11 year old daughter through my bearded boyfriend, and they're the ONLY solution I've found to my glasses fogging up. Absolutely the best.

Best mask I've worn so far...

Literally the best mask I've found in the years worth of trying different ones out. The only mask that doesn't come off my nose when I talk and it's great not having the bands pull at my ears. It just feels good to wear to be honest. My only regret is I didn't buy more.

Love it!

Comfy and light weight

Love the masks, they look very good and the colors are masculine haha

Sustainable Cloth Face Mask

Amazing mask!

Really love Stellari and their mission! I got the black mask and have really enjoyed it so far - safe, stylish & sustainable!

Sustainable Cloth Face Mask

Finally, A Mask That Fits!

I am in love with this mask. I have a half dozen from other folks that I've been using, but all of them have some sort of fit issue — ear loops too loose, mask too big, mask doesn't fit around my nose / small nose bridge.

This mask, with the drawstring behind-the-head design, solves all my problems. The mask sits securely on my nose with no gaps, under my chin, and doesn't tug on my ears / glasses. As an added bonus, my glasses don't fog up!

As someone with claustrophobia and anxiety, masks have been a pretty heavy source of mental discomfort as well. With the light (and incredibly soft) fabric that fits like a glove, those problems are nonexistent for me. I barely even notice I am wearing something on my face!

I don't know how to end reviews well, so let me just sum up by saying I intend to buy several more for myself AND my partner. It's perfect!

Comfy and smart

Like seemingly ever other review of these masks, these are mad soft and comfy. (I washed mine in lavender soap and it retained the smell wonderfully, too.) It was easy to figure out, and so much more convenient than other masks with two loops to deal with. Looked absolutely smart. My only teeny cavil being that my masks' white inner layer easily peeked out up from behind the black outer layer, so if I really cared I'd have to pause to adjust to hide the white rim.

Off to go pick the colour of my next Stellari mask!

Sustainable Cloth Face Mask

Mask feels great, but rides down

I love the material, but I think my face shape is long. When I open my mouth, the mask rides down my chin below my nose and needs to be constantly readjusted. Tugging the mask up along the drawstrings helps but not permanently.

No elastic

Great fabric, but ties are not convenient when you must wear a mask 8 hours. I am going to remake it.

Hi Donna! Thank you for your feedback. We will reach out to you via email as we'd would love to know what you're planning on doing to make the mask work for you.

We did want to note that though our masks don't have elastic, the ties are designed to stretch so once you tie it securely, you are generally able to slip it on and off without having to re-tie it. This works most of the time, but depending on your face, head shape, and hair it may not work as intended. We'd love to hear back from you after you've made your adjustments. Your feedback helps us with future products, so we appreciate your honesty sincerely.

Thank you again!
- Janelle (Founder)

I love it!

It is so soft and effective, and I can never go back to ear loop masks again. So easy to wash and wear, and some of the nicest fabric I've ever felt. The more premium price is definitely reflected in the quality of the product. Stop using a crappy mask and pick this up.

Super Stylish Mask

I enjoy this mask, it looks really sleek and nice, washes really easily and dries by the next morning for continued wear. Similarly, its able to dry out from moisture in my breath really quickly too which is great for strenuous activities!

Above and Beyond!

Love the mask, as others have said, it is the softest and most comfortable material you'll ever touch. Super high quality that I know will last a long time. The mask and even the instructions are eco-friendly; highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting a new mask. Comes with linen bag to wash in that's very convenient.

First Mask bought review!

I’m extremely satisfied with the product and even surprised with how quickly it arrived, since living in Puerto Rico it is known that it make take some time for packages to be sent but it arrived within almost a weak. The mask itself was as expected, fit well, the website’s description fit perfectly, it’s extremely comfortable, and overall have no complaints. Also just additionally really appreciate the packaging materials used to better help the environment. Amazing product and would definitely buy again!

very comfortable mask!

The material is soft, the design makes it very easy to put on without looking around for it (it hangs from your neck), and it has a pocket for filters. The mask is relatively large to other masks so it'll most likely have some extra material covering your chin/neck. Because of how large it is, glasses can easily rest on the mask so it won't fog as much, but it doesn't completely prevent it. I wish there were more colours!

I love the mask!

Finally found a mask that fits and doesn't feel as thin as a piece of paper. I will admit though I had been wearing the mask upside down for the first few days until I saw the video on Instagram on how to properly wear the mask, which totally helped!

Sustainable Cloth Face Mask