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Feb 24, 2021
Aimee Thompson

The Universal Cardigan | Style Inspiration For Men

I love the fabric! Not itchy. Soft + comfy! The hood blew my mind!! - Lamar

We knew setting out to create a sustainable cardigan that was both size and gender-inclusive was ambitious. It meant many revisions, LOTS of product testing, and more time spent on constructing the cardigan itself to make it just right. In the end, we’re glad we pushed past all of the challenges because the final result is an eco-friendly cardigan (aka coatigan) that we’re truly proud of. However, nothing could have prepared us for the jaw-dropping styles Lamar came up with during his photoshoot! If you’re looking for edgy and sophisticated styling inspiration for your Universal Cardigan, you’ve come to the right place. 

As An Eco-Edgy Poncho

We love how Lamar utilized the functionality of the pocket-loop enclosure to style the cardigan as an edgy poncho. The draping effect gives this look a lot of depth and dimension, which we love! This is a great go-to style for date night and semi-formal weddings or cocktail hours.  

Textured & Monochromatic

We’re BIG fans of wearing all black, so we can’t emphasize enough how in love we are with the way Lamar layered the cardigan over a textured knit sweater and tied the look together with a smooth black leather belt. This look also emphasizes the versatility of the cardigan--tying it closed can make it more formal while leaving it open makes it feel a bit more casual, allowing for a seamless transition from one event to the next. 

Side Note: The cool draping effect is the result of using a blend of certified Lenzing’s TENCEL Lyocell (one of the most sustainable materials in the world!).

As An Environmentally Friendly Ear Covering

First of all, we’re blown away by how Lamar was able to emphasize the draping and dimension of the cardigan through all of his looks! Again, he illustrates the versatility of our sustainable cardigan by utilizing the convertible cowl hood as a head covering. This style is perfect for keeping your ears warm when that LA ocean breeze picks up!

With An Edge of Sustainable Sophistication

Um, okay...WOW. We know what you’re thinking, is this the same cardigan?! And, the answer is, yes. Yes, it is. Thank you to Lamar for showing how easily the Universal Cardigan can be adjusted to give you a completely different aesthetic. This style is perfect for evenings out when the temperature starts to dip! 

Sustainably Casual

Everything about this look is phenomenal. We love the way Lamar paired the Universal Cardigan in Stormy Gray with a black and white polka dotted polo shirt, light distressed jeans, and black sneakers! Leaving the cardigan open creates a more casual vibe perfect for an afternoon walk to the beach.

One of the (many) things Lamar was able to illustrate through his styling of the Universal Cardigan was how seamlessly it can adapt to your personal aesthetic. This was a major goal of ours--not just to create a sustainable cardigan, but to create a cardigan that is eco-friendly,  inclusive, and that fits perfectly with each individual’s style. When it comes to styling your cardigan, don’t be afraid to try out different looks in order to find what works best for you. We recommend testing it with some of your favorite outfits and trying out some of the styles Lamar came up with as a start! 

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