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Sustainable Face Masks

I heard masks aren’t effective for the general public, is that true?
They say to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze—a mask just helps make sure you’re not using your hand! For medical professionals, the CDC considers cloth masks a “last resort.” These are not rated by the FDA or OSHA. Some governments around the world have advocated the use of masks for the general public during the current COVID-19 pandemic, for example: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Belgium. The Czech Republic and Bulgaria have mandated their use.

Why are you donating a different mask?
Masks donated to healthcare workers use a pattern developed by LA Mayor Garcetti’s Office and Kaiser Permanente (the largest healthcare management service in the country). Please visit for the pattern and more information.

How do I use this mask?
Wash your mask before each use. Wash your hands before and after putting on, and removing, the mask. Fit mask securely over your mouth and nose with the loop around your neck. Tie the strings behind your head. Optional: insert your filter in the side slit.
Once you’ve put the mask on, avoid touching your face and mask while you wear it. Do not wear the mask for 8+ hours or if the mask becomes moist. Limit the spread of COVID-19 by keeping your distance from others. A mask alone cannot protect you.
These masks are not intended for clinical use. Stellari and all of its related affiliates and partners make no claims regarding the safety and efficacy of cloth masks in preventing any disease or illness.

How do I clean this mask?
Place mask in garment bag or pillowcase to protect the strings. Machine wash cold. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.

How many times can I wash this mask?
Our manufacturers believe these masks should last at least 20 washes. You can help extend the life of the mask by washing it in a garment bag or delicate cycle to protect the strings.

Can I add a filter to my mask?
Yes! Our masks come with an opening in the side where you can place your filter for additional protection.

Why are these masks shipped in plastic?
Although we try to avoid the use of new plastic as much as possible, for hygiene purposes our cloth masks have been individually packaged in plastic bags (please recycle or reuse it!) We are currently looking into a new vendor for compostable packaging in the future. 

Payment & Store Credit

Where do I enter my promo or gift card code?
To retrieve your gift, enter the code in the gift card or discount code field to the right of the payment section during the Checkout process.

What forms of payment do you take?
Stellari accepts the following:

Where can I find my store credit balance?
To verify the remaining balance, please contact our team at

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?
Not currently, but this is something we’re exploring for the future. If you would like to partner with us on an influencer campaign, please email and let’s chat!

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes, gift cards can be purchased here. After purchase, e-gift cards will be sent to you in a separate email. Send the order email to your gift recipient. Gift cards cannot be reloaded.
 Gift cards can be combined with other gift cards and discount codes during checkout. Gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes. You cannot use a gift card to buy another gift card.

Is there a gifting option?
Not yet, but we’re hoping to add options for sustainable gift packaging!

Account Management

I lost my password, how can I retrieve it?
Click “Forgot your password?” in the login page and enter your email address. We will send you an email to reset your password.

How can I track my order? 
If you have a Stellari account, simply log in and click on “My Orders” to view order status. Upon shipment you will also receive an email notification with the order’s tracking number.

How do I change/delete my address?
To edit or delete your address, log into your Stellari account and click “Addresses” on the left menu. Then scroll down to the address you want to change and click on either the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons on the right hand side of the address.

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order if it has not yet shipped. Please email us at