About Our Sustainable Masks

The Stellari face mask is the new addition to your daily essentials, and we've designed it to be lived in. With a carefully crafted form factor that can be easily adjusted to the perfect fit for your face, and made of silky smooth lyocell fabric, these masks feel like a second skin.

Our masks aren't just good for your face, but good for the planet too. Because we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your ethics when buying something that looks and feels great, we've stressed about the details so you don't have to. But if you do want to know the details, here they are: we use TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, which is durable, absorbent and, best of all, biodegradable. Lyocell is composed of wood pulp fibers from eucalyptus trees, making it completely renewable and sustainable. Lenzing's TENCEL™ manufacturing process is closed loop, making it one of the most environmentally "friendly" fibers in the world.

Our factories are located locally in Los Angeles, California, and staffed by workers who are treated ethically and paid fair wages. We keep our carbon footprint low with a short distance between our production and fulfillment centers. Even our packaging and inserts are made of recycled materials and biodegradable.

We've taken extra care to make these masks something that embodies our values, something we can feel proud wearing. We hope you'll feel the same way too