Veronica Chou's Eco-Friendly Fashion Efforts & Diageo's Johnnie Walker Paper Bottle

Oct 30, 2020
Aimee Thompson


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1. Chou launched her own sustainable fashion label 2015.
2. She shifted her focus and finances from fast fashion to startups striving to address global waste and sustainability.
3. Chou is encouraging her family towards more sustainable business ventures. 

We’re seeing more and more big brands commit to sustainability. It’s especially interesting to see eco-friendly pushes from people, like Veronica Chou, who’ve profited immensely from the fast fashion industry but are now striving to make up for their contribution to the mounting fashion waste problem.

Favorite Quote: The younger generation of consumers cares about the planet and cares about justice, whether it’s women’s rights, racial equality or climate justice, she says. There are conscious consumers who are willing to pay a little more for products that support their values.




Glass of whiskey
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1. In partnership with Pilot Lite, Diageo created the company Pulpex for sustainably producing their paper bottles.
2. Big soda brand, Pepsi, will be launching with Pulpex packaging starting in 2021.
3. Diageo is working with its glass bottle suppliers on innovations that would reduce their weight and make them more recyclable.

We think this is interesting because 1) we’re big whiskey fans, and 2) bottles are very heavy, which means they are more costly to ship in terms of carbon and money. We love material innovation, and we’re so excited to see these on shelves in the next few years!

Favorite Quote: Collaboration is the way to go when it comes to tackling climate change, according to one of the world’s largest alcoholic drinks makers.



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