What Size Universal Cardigan Should I Get?

Jan 19, 2021
Aimee Thompson

Need some help figuring out what size Universal Cardigan you should choose? Check out our size guides and image references below! Note: Take some time to consider how you would prefer the cardigan to fit (i.e. do you want it to be longer and more drapey?). This can help you in deciding which size to go with.

Size Guides

NOTE: We recommend measuring yourself in order to discern which size is most optimal. Use this information in combination with the size guide to determine the best option.

Universal Cardigan Measuring Guide
The chart above provides suggestions based on height and weight: if you're in between sizes (purple and orange zone), you can go either way depending on how you prefer your cardigan to fit (looser, longer, etc.).
Model Size Reference

For reference, we collected the images and sizing to give you more insight into the fit and look of the Universal Cardigan on different body types. ALL models are wearing our Universal Cardigan Standard Size. We will be adding images of the Petite & Tall sizes soon!

Classic Black Universal Cardigan worn by 5 foot 8 model
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan worn by 6 foot 2 model
Classic Black Universal Cardigan worn by size 10 model
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan on 5 foot 11 model
Classic Black Universal Cardigan on size 12 model
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan on size 4 model

Still need help figuring out which size to get? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via the chat option at the lower right of the screen, or email us at support@stellari.com

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