The Universal Cardigan: Your Burning Questions Answered

Dec 4, 2020
Aimee Thompson

We can hardly believe that within a week we almost doubled our Kickstarter funding goal! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of the support and encouragement we’ve received. On Monday, we did a live Q&A via Facebook, and we noticed some common themes between the questions we were getting and what was being asked on our Kickstarter page. So, in an effort to make that info as accessible as possible, we wanted to share the top 5 questions and answers here!

How Do The Different Sizes Work?
Classic Black Universal Cardigan on Size Small Model
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan on 6 foot 2 model
Classic Black Universal Cardigan on Size 10 Model

This is a question we’re getting quite a bit and given that the cardigan is oversized and VERY drapey, we can see why. We wanted it to be inclusive of all genders and body types, so to accomplish this, we came up with three different size options: One-Size Petite, One-Size Regular, and One-Size Tall. Our sizing suggestions are as follows:

ONE SIZE REGULAR: Designed for those between 5’4 and 6’2 and to fit most body types and sizes. Each of the models depicted above ranges between 5’6 and 6’4, and they’re all wearing the Regular size cardigan. Note: For those who are taller or have wider frames, going up a size will give you a bit more length as well as more room in the shoulders and waist. If you’re taller with a narrower frame, the regular size should fit well and give you even more of a drapey look. 

ONE SIZE PETITE: Our petite size is designed for those under 5’4 that typically wear an X-Small. The biggest difference with the petite is that it’s a tiny bit shorter than the regular size, and it’s taken in a bit at the shoulders (to accommodate smaller frames). Note: If you normally wear an XS, we wouldn’t suggest going a size up. This is because the cardigan runs large on purpose, so if you’re going for an oversized look, you’ll already be able to achieve that with the Petite.

ONE SIZE TALL: We designed our Tall size for individuals with larger frames and/or over 6’2! You’ll enjoy some extra length as well as more room around arms and shoulders. 

How Warm Is It?
Classic Black Universal Cardigan Paired with Pajamas
Sleeping in Classic Black Universal Cardigan

The material (a blend of certified Lenzing’s TENCEL lyocell organic cotton and Spandex) is lighter than a chunkier knit cardigan and feels a bit like a heavier T-Shirt. It’s great for chilly mornings, plane rides, or brisk Autumn walks. We recommend either layering it over a top (it’s roomy enough for you to wear over a light sweater!) or under a jacket/coat in colder weather. If you tend to get hot easily, don’t fret! Because we use Lenzing’s TENCEL lyocell, our cardigan is great for keeping your temperature regulated! It’s also VERY versatile, so you can wear it open, closed, around your shoulders, like a blanket, etc. We’ve found the draping of the cardigan looks absolutely lovely layered beneath different jackets and coats!

How Many Treasures Can I Fit In The Pockets?
Universal Cardigan Pockets

The side pocket is large enough to fit an object the size of a Nintendo Switch, but we recommend items on the lighter-side (i.e. a pack of Pop-Tarts). We designed the pockets to accommodate things like your keys, wallet, headphones, passport, and phone, but there’s plenty of room (see what we did there?) to get creative!

How Do I Care For It?
Classic Black Universal Cardigan with beige skirt

We recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry, but you can machine wash cold, inside out in a garment bag with like colors on the gentle cycle. Be sure not to hang dry your cardigan as you risk stretching-out the fabric.

Note: We’re taking it back to TENCEL once again--because we use Lenzing’s TENCEL™ lyocell in the fabric blend, the cardigan will stay fresh and can go longer between washes! This also means less water wasted.

What Colors Is The Universal Cardigan Available In?
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan styled as a stole
stormy gray
Classic Black Universal Cardigan worn drapey
Classic Black
Buttercream Beige Universal Cardigan with black dress pants
Buttercream Beige

Right now, we offer the cardigan in Classic Black, Stormy Gray, Buttercream Beige, Mellow Rose, and Moroccan Blue! Because the Moroccan Blue and Mellow Pink colorways were stretch goals, we don’t currently have sample images of them but are working hard to have them up soon!

When Can I Order The Universal Cardigan?
Stormy Gray Universal Cardigan over black dress
More About The Universal Cardigan...

If you have any questions, feel free to ask directly on our Kickstarter page or reach out to us at


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