The Universal Cardigan in Motion

Apr 6, 2021
Guest Contributor

O ur eco-friendly Universal Cardigan is on the scene and ready to show off its moves. During our first photoshoot, we were drawn to the almost ethereal movement of the cardigan as our models transitioned poses and made simple garment adjustments, like pulling the hood up or down or styling it over their shoulder. Capturing our gender and size-inclusive cardigan in motion became one of our favorite things; so much so that we wanted to share it with you (plus bonus music)!

That effortless movement is thanks to a blend of Lenzing's TENCEL Lyocell (one of the most sustainable materials in the world). It’s our eco-friendly go-to for dramatic entrances and exits. 

In addition to its fluid motion, we made the cardigan to be highly versatile. When we wake up all groggy in the morning, we love to snuggle into its pillowy folds, but we especially love that we don’t have to change to look pro enough to hop on our Zoom meetings. A couple quick swishes and flicks, and we’re ready to greet our co-workers (and it’s just as comfy as if we never got out of pajamas). We could live our entire lives in this breezy beauty (We just might!) The Universal Cardigan goes with your flow. It’s chill like that.

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Kate Graham

Kate is a roleplaying gamer, and Stellari is her favorite store on the Citadel. She’s eagerly awaiting Life is Strange: True Colors and her next tabletop session of CyberGeneration. She's also a k-pop mashup artist and video editor who makes every girl group song 90% more gay.

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