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Nov 13, 2020
Aimee Thompson

At Stellari, we made a conscious decision not to participate in “traditions” such as BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Instead, we hold a few flash sales throughout the year tailored specifically to you, our community. We believe it’s important to both share our stance with you and what shaped it, so here are a few reasons we don’t do traditional annual sales.

Cost Breakdown
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In our experience, sales are typically a product of non-sustainable practices. Many companies outsource production to developing countries to produce thousands of items at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. Those products are then marked up 7-10Xs (if not more)! They then spend exorbitant amounts on advertising in order to appeal to consumers. All of this only to create big “sales” where they slash prices on things they couldn’t sell full price. Because we’re a direct-to-consumer brand, our items are priced lower than they would be at retail, which means they’re essentially always on sale.

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Many brands that outsource production rely on factories in developing countries with varying labor laws. This means many items are created in sweatshops, using child labor and/or in unhealthy and inhumane conditions. In addition, sales, like Black Friday, are reliant on the work of employees, who then miss out on quality time with their families. We want our team and our vendors to be able to enjoy a holiday break, just like everyone else.

We’re not just outsourcing labor, we’re outsourcing our pollution and waste, too.

- Janelle Wavell-Jimenez
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SALES tend to encourage hyper instead of conscious consumerism and incite impulsive and reactionary purchasing. These habits can negatively impact our planet by producing even greater waste. That’s not what Stellari’s about. We want customers to be informed and thoughtful shoppers, and we want to make sure we’re doing our part not contributing to the fashion industry waste problem that is causing immense harm.

. . . A Note From Our Founder . . .

That $30 shirt from Fast Fashion Retailer most likely cost $3 or less from a factory in a developing country (i.e. Vietnam). Let’s imagine how this product was made: You’re probably dreaming up stereotypical images of Dickensian youth in sweatshops, but what about the people who farmed the cotton (most likely in India)? What about the people who worked at the factory turning the raw cotton into t-shirt material? What about all the water used to farm, dye the cotton, etc?

Now, consider what it looks like when you buy something from an even cheaper Fast Fashion retailer. How is it possibly sustainable to have a shirt made overseas that only costs $10 full price? The truth is, it’s not, and it’s not actually cheap. The cost is just being borne by someone else. We’re not just outsourcing labor, we’re outsourcing our pollution and waste, too.

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In an era when we’re bombarded by ads targeted specifically to our interests, it can be difficult pausing to consider whether the product being marketed to us is ethically and sustainably made. We’ve all been there! It’s easy to make in-the-moment purchases without a second thought--especially when you’re being made to believe you’re getting a “deal”. We don’t want anyone to feel guilty for making an impulse purchase here and there (it happens to the best of us), we just want to encourage our community to start doing a little digging into a product and brand before taking that leap, even if that means choosing not to shop with us. You deserve to trust who you purchase from.

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Aimee Thompson

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