Stellari Gift List: The 12 Sustainable Gifts that Should be on Your List

Dec 16, 2020
Aimee Thompson

I t’s hard to believe the holidays are already here! We know shopping and celebrating this 2020 will look much different from previous years, and that’s why we wanted to do what we can to make things a little easier. We worked with our Stellari community to put together a list of our 12 favorite sustainable gifts! So, grab your mug of hot cocoa, the COZIEST blanket you can find, and let’s dive in:

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For The Eco-Conscious Host/Hostess
Photo Credit: Svitlana

Price: $99.99

Description: Great transforming your favorite fruits and veggies into scrumptious juices!

What Our Community Is Saying: “It possibly saves us from wasting about 50% of our produce. If we have something that is too ripe to eat, we just juice it, then make fruit leather out of the pulp with our dehydrator, which also works for cutting down fruit waste because u can dry overripe fruits and they end up tasting good after drying.” - Sav

♦︎ Price: $16

♦︎ Description: Blueland offers a sustainable solution to replace disposable plastic soap dispensers. They provide you with a glass bottle (good for a LIFETIME of use) along with soap tablets that just need to be added to water! The starter set comes with a reusable glass bottle and three hand soap tablets (fragrances: Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon and Lavender Eucalyptus).

♦︎ What Our Community Is Saying: “I’m all about that foaming soap, it smells good, the tablets don’t take up a lot of space to store.” - Melanie Matthews

♢ Price: $108

♢ Description: Stunning decorative pillows made from recycled fabrics.

♢ Why We Love It: “I love that these are made from their recycled scraps! They’re also really pretty, unique, and super fancy.” - Janelle

For That Special Someone
toy couple sitting on bench
Photo Credit: Julian Paolo Dayag

♦︎ Price: $49

♦︎ Description: Lovely, high quality thigh-high tights with long life cycles! While these aren’t strictly sustainable, they legitimately NEVER break so you buy less.

♦︎ Why We Love It: “I tried stabbing these with a pen and I still couldn’t make them snag. I used to buy something like 10 pairs of tights a year (I’m clumsy--sorry!), but haven’t had to buy more than 1.” - Janelle

For The Home Mixologist Keeping The Party alive
Eco-friendly skincare and candle
Photo Credit: Snapwire

Price: $24.95

Description: This pack comes with four total straws (2 straight and 2 bendy) along with a straw cleaner and holding pouch. They're the perfect addition to your home bar.

What Our Community Is Saying: “I love my straws for mixed drinks during the summer! 🍹”

For The Friend Constantly Improving Their Skincare Routine
Eco-friendly Skincare
Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova

♦︎ Price:
$13.95 - Tea Totaler
$14.95 - Little Pot of Energy (Solid Lotion)

♦︎ Descriptions:

- Tea Totaler - An environmentally friendly solid facial cleanser that uses botanicals like, rosemary, lemongrass, and witch hazel to cleanse and tone your skin.

- Solid Lotion - a zero waste lotion that uses botanicals like, orange, and grapefruit to moisturize and pamper your skin.

♦︎ What Our Community Is Saying: “They're easy to use! Less fumbling with plastic bottles and pumps. Also, I'm not buying water from them. And apparently, with no water, less preservatives are needed. oh, and the scents don't give me a headache.” - Stephanie Tong

♢ Price: $4.99

♢ Description: An eco-friendly soap-saver bag that also functions as an exfoliator!

♢ What Our Community Is Saying: “I recently discovered these, and was super excited, I hate wasting my bar soap once it is small, and also needed an eco-friendly scrubber. This covered both! No plastic loofah and no more wasted soap pieces.” - Sav

♦︎ Price: $54.00

♦︎ Description: A clean, non-toxic anti-aging alternative to retinol made of plants.

♦︎ Why Janelle Loves It: “I appreciate that their packaging is glass and is recyclable or reusable. I reuse Herbivore containers for baby plants!” - Janelle

♢ Price:$20

♢ Description: A sustainable makeup remover equivalent to 3600 makeup wipes!

♢ What Our Community Is Saying: “They have an option to shop package free....and it cuts down on cotton rounds and disposable makeup wipes. I’ve had multiple people reach out after receiving it telling me they ended up getting one for someone else.” - Sav

♦︎ Price: $40

♦︎ Description: A plastic-free and zero-waste shaving kit.

♦︎ Why We Love It: “Using a safety razor for the first time can be a little scary, but you get a great shave and you’re not buying junky disposable plastic razors every month.” - Janelle

For The Jetsetter Preparing For Their Post-Pandemic Adventure

Price: $24.99

♢ Description: A stainless steel reusable water bottle with a leak-proof lid.

♢ Why We Love It: “Quite possibly the best designed water bottle there is with an ingenious lid design. Takeya offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY so you’ll use one reusable bottle for years and years to come.” - Janelle

♦︎ Price: $30

♦︎ Description: A versatile toiletries bag made from 100% recycled polyester.

♦︎ Why We Love It: “I love these unisex bags that can be given solo, stuffed full of makeup for the beauty lover, pens and pencils for the artist, or shaving goods for the bearded types in your life.” - Janelle

*cough* Bonus Gift Suggestion: Our Universal Cardigan and  Sustainable Cloth Masks, make anexcellent gift and stocking stuffer! *cough*

We hope you found this list helpful in knocking (at least) a few gifts off your shopping list. With more brands and individuals (like you) committing to ethical sustainability, we’re filled with hope that the future is bright.

Happy Holidays!

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