Last-Minute Gift Guide: Our 5 Favorite Sustainable Brands To Shop This Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2020
Aimee Thompson

T is the season for gift-giving, and if you’ve found yourself struggling to check off your Christmas list, you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right gift(s), especially when you’re searching for sustainable options. To help alleviate some of that holiday stress, we wanted to share a list of our five favorite sustainable brands to help you in your search.

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For The Eco-Conscious Home Entertainer
Buttercream Beige Universal Cardigan being sewn
Photo Credit: Yehleen gaffney
1 - Blueland

Blueland is reimagining packaging for home goods and providing eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives!

🖤 Why We Love Them: We love that Blueland is actively seeking more sustainable solutions to address the plastic waste crisis our planet is in.

Stand-Out Product: Our community loves their Hand Soap Set!

For The Fashionably Late
Orange knitted beanie with sweater, jeans, and tulips
Photo Credit: Angela Bailey
2 - Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a clothing brand committed to ethical and sustainable design and production. Their Waste No More initiative allows for old clothes to be returned in, so they can be transformed into new pieces/designs.

🖤 Why We Love Them: We love that they’re working to address the fashion waste crisis by allowing for old and/or worn out pieces to be returned and turned into something completely new! 

Stand-Out Product: We LOVE the Waste No More Felted Artisanal Pillow! It’s made from recycled scraps which contributes to its unique and pretty aesthetic.

For The Skincare Snob
Eco-friendly skincare and candle
Photo Credit: RODNAE Production
3 -Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is a skincare brand committed to using natural ingredients that are effective and non-toxic.

🖤 Why We Love Them: We love that they use clean and safe ingredients in their products, AND that their packaging is glass that is recyclable and reusable (tip: they make great homes for baby plants!).

Stand-Out Product: We’re BIG fans of the Bakuchiol Serum, a clean, non-toxic anti-aging alternative to retinol made from plants.

4 - Makeup Eraser

Makeup Eraser is on a mission to replace wipes (one of the top 3 most wasted products globally!) with eco-friendly and sustainable makeup removal products.

🖤 Why We Love Them: We love that Makeup Eraser is providing practical and sustainable solutions to the mounting waste crisis by aiming to replace disposable wipes!

Stand-Out Product: Our community loves the Original Makeup Eraser as it helps cut-down the use of makeup wipes!

For The Globe-Trotter
Travel journal, glasses, and candle
Photo Credit: That's Her Business
5 - Everlane

Everlane is a clothing brand committed to transparency and ethical production.

🖤 Why We Love Them: We love that Everlane emphasizes ethical production, creating quality products with long lifespans, and aim to be transparent and accountable about their products and costs.

Stand-Out Product: The ReNew Catch-All Case is one of our faves because of its functionality and unisez design. It’s the perfect travel go-to for toiletries!

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One of our favorite things about shopping sustainable brands, like these, is knowing our purchases help us get one step closer to a more ethical and eco-friendly future. It may seem small, but how we choose to spend our money speaks to brands and can convince them to adjust (or even completely change) their practices, production, and approach.

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