Nov 12, 2020

Introducing The Universal Cardigan

The Universal Cardigan is the perfect combination of functionality and edge. It’s sustainably made, size and gender-inclusive, and versatile enough to wear on your work Zoom call, for your virtual happy hour, or your morning walk.




Cardigan layered under brown jacket


The Feel

Silky-smooth to the touch and as light and soft as a Labradoodle puppy!

The Fit

Drapes like a dream and moves fluidly around you with each step.

The Function

Two zippered pockets and two hidden pockets perfect for storing your passport, keys, and favorite snack.

The Form

Designed to be for all genders, fit most sizes, and seamlessly move from occasion to occasion. It's universal.

Cardigan with hood up layered under black jacket

Effortlessly Versatile

Whether you’re staying stylish and cozy for a virtual board meeting or interview; a gamer settling in for a long night of streaming, or enjoying a romantic date night in, the Universal Cardigan will always fit the occasion.

Also, perfect as a hoodie, duster, or wearable blanket.

Designed for All

Inclusivity is important to us, which is why we thoughtfully engineered the Universal Cardigan to be for all genders and fit a wide range of body types and sizes.

Optimal Functionality

The Universal Cardigan has two hidden pockets and two zippered pockets--one of which is hidden inside a pocket. Pockets in pockets.

Perfect for your keys, passport, wallet, or a favorite snack.

Easy-Breezy Movement

Made of a lightweight blend of TENCEL lyocell, organic cotton, and spandex the Universal Cardigan drapes beautifully and moves fluidly around you as you walk.

Made to Last

Made with durable certified Lenzing TENCEL Lyocell, organic cotton and spandex, and reinforced seams so you can wear this forever and ever.

Cardigan zippered pocket
Woman in black cardigan
Woman wrapping cardigan


The Universal Cardigan is made with a blend of certified Lenzing’s TENCEL lyocell (wood pulp ethically and sustainably sourced from eucalyptus trees in Europe), which is one of the most sustainable materials on our planet. Our fabric was sourced in Canada and the garment is made in Los Angeles, California.

Lyocell is naturally antimicrobial, so the Universal Cardigan can go much longer between washes. This translates to a longer lifespan for the garment itself and less water wasted!

Why This Is Important To Us

It’s important to us that our community has access to quality, eco-friendly, and ethically made fashion. We’re not just making a cardigan, we’re making a cardigan that can be universally worn--a go-to wardrobe staple you can rely on again and again and again and again…

Available For Pre-order Soon!

In order to reduce waste, we only make as many as we need of any garment: then we'll either do another production run or retire the product. 


Aimee Thompson

Aimee’s a writer by day, gamer by night & ice cream connoisseur 24/7. During Shelter in Place, she’s mastered the Jedi Mind Trick and plans to use this to get early access to Fable 4.