Introducing Our Reusable Beauty Rounds

Jul 14, 2021
Aimee Thompson

W e’re excited to announce the launch of our Reusable Beauty Rounds (available to order NOW), an upcycled byproduct (literally) from our Universal Cardigan! It was important to us to waste as a little material as possible because: a) We want to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, and b) we’re pretty much in a love affair with the TENCEL Lyocell blend material we used for the cardigan and wanted to use as much of it as we possibly could. In the end, our efforts resulted in a 50% decrease of materials wasted AND super luxurious beauty rounds in the stunning colorways of our Universal Cardigan.

So, What’s To LOVE?
. . .
Luxurious Feel

Our Reusable Face Rounds are silky- soft against your skin and much gentler on your face than disposable or cotton rounds. That beautifully smooth feel is thanks to (our eternal love) Lenzing’s TENCEL lyocell 🖤.


Disposable and cotton face rounds are often bleached, conventionally farmed, and thrown out after just one use. Disposable face wipes are currently the 3rd most wasteful product on the globe. Our Reusable Beauty Rounds are made with a blend of Lenzing’s TENCEL lyocell, which is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, AND they can be washed and reused!

Easy To Care For

Our Beauty Rounds are washer and dryer safe, and they come with a mini garment bag for convenient washing and drying! You can also hand wash them with gentle soap in your sink and lay them flat (on a clean surface) to dry!

BONUS: Because of the antimicrobial properties of TENCEL lyocell, our beauty rounds naturally inhibit bacterial growth!

We love the idea of gifting these to the eco-conscious beauty and skincare buffs in our life *cough* along with one of our sustainable cloth masks *cough* 😉.

We’re so excited to share our Reusable Beauty Rounds and cannot wait to hear about your experience with them!

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Aimee Thompson

Aimee’s a writer by day, gamer by night & ice cream connoisseur 24/7. During Shelter in Place, she’s mastered the Jedi Mind Trick and plans to use this to get early access to Fable 4.

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