6 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Apr 30, 2021
Aimee Thompson

M other’s Day is just around the corner, and we know finding eco-friendly gift options can prove quite a challenge, especially when less sustainable ones are often cheaper and more accessible. Because of this, we wanted to put together a list of our favorite eco-conscious gift options from some of our favorite brands in hopes of making your search a bit easier.

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- For the One With Impeccable Style -
Model in Mellow Pink Universal Cardigan and pink trousers

Brand: Tamga Designs
Price: $59

The Ines Pearl Ring is a great choice for the mom who loves to accessorize. It’s ethically made, all of the metals are locally sourced, and it comes with a polishing cloth in a pouch made of fabric cut-offs.

- For The Traveler Planning Their Post-Pandemic Adventure -
Woman in Mellow Pink Universal Cardigan by pool

♦︎ Brand: Stellari
♦︎ Price: $180

There’s nothing worse than boarding a flight for your next adventure only to spend the next several hours shivering in your seat. Sure you can order a few in-flight cocktails, but at what cost? A little liquid warmth in exchange for a heavy post-flight hangover...We’ve all been there. The beauty of the Universal Cardigan is:

- It’s ethically sourced and produced, AND it’s made with a blend of certified Lenzing’s TENCEL Lyocell (one of the most sustainable materials on the planet)!

- It’s incredibly versatile--I mean, is it even a cardigan, or did it just transform into a cozy blanket...a blardigan? Clanket?

In any case, it’s the perfect gift for the mom who loves to explore, but is also sensitive to the slightest temperature shifts. Okay, we know this is OUR product, but it’s also perfect for traveling, designed to be size and gender-inclusive, AND it drapes like a dream--Alright, we’ll stop…

- For The One Who LOVES To Host -
- For The One Who LOVES to Host -

♢ Brand: Ten Thousand Villages
♢ Price: $39.99

These stunning goblets make great Mother’s Day gifts. They’re hand blown by artisans in the West Bank city of Hebron from recycled glass bottles, so the coloring of each goblet is a little different. They’re also fair trade!

♦︎Brand: Siblings
♦︎ Price: $64.00

Siblings’ candles make great gifts for eco-conscious hosts/hostesses who love to create an enchanting ambiance. They’re Bergamont White Rose Oakmoss is one of our favorites! They come in plant-based packaging, and their candles are made from a natural coconut-blend wax. We love the do it yourself approach they’ve taken to candles in order to encourage people to reuse vessels and live more sustainably. You can either repurpose a former candle container or purchase one of their ceramic Forever Vessels.

- For The One Obsessed With Skincare -
Model using Stellari's black and beige reusable beauty rounds

♢ Brand: Caudalie
Price: $28

This natural and vegan toner is a great gift for the mom who loves giving their face a little TLC. Just have her put a few drops onto one of our upcycled Reusable Beauty Rounds (oh, how did these get here?) and gently pat onto her skin for a fresh and dewy complexion.

- For the Wine Connoisseur -
Model in the stormy gray Universal Cardigan drinking white wine

♦︎ Brand: Pottery Barn
♦︎ Price: $10 - $75

These upcycled wine glasses are perfect for the wine aficionado in your life! They’re handmade from recycled cola bottles, which gives them a lovely green tint! We also love that they’re ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

. . .

We hope this list was helpful in at least pointing you in the direction of potential gifts. And honestly, regardless of the cliche, quality time really is one of the best gifts we can give our mother’s whether it’s in person or via video chat. Verbal words of appreciation and just being present tend to go a long way.

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Aimee Thompson

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