5 Ways To Style Our Sustainable Universal Cardigan For Summer

May 24, 2021
Aimee Thompson

It’s hard to believe we’re nearly halfway through 2021! We’ve made it through the coldest months and are already transitioning from to Summer. We’re trading our thick, wool sweaters for light cropped T-shirts, retro print upside down bikini tops, and bidding a final farewell to our once coveted skinny jeans in favor of baggier, low rise *sobs*, or flared. As you begin preparing your wardrobe for the transition from Spring to Summer, we wanted to give you some tips for styling our eco-friendly Universal Cardigan for those gentle spring afternoons and sizzling summer days.

With Your Favorite Sustainable Summer Dress
Stormy gray universal cardigan with hood up over floral dress
Stormy gray cardigan styled over the shoulder over floral dress
Universal Cardigan worn beneath the shoulders with floral dress

Depending on your location, Spring and Summer evenings can mean a significant drop in temperature. We love taking along our sustainable cardigan for fancier occasions since we can easily adapt it to our outfit and maintain a more formal aesthetic. Wear it below your shoulders for a romantic silhouette and pull it closed as the temperature drops to create an elegant draping effect.

Layered Over A Favorite Eco-Friendly Collared Shirt
Beige Universal Cardigan styled open over dark blue collared shirt and brown pants
beige universal cardigan with dark blue shirt brown pants and dark brown loafers
side view of beige universal cardigan with dark blue collared shirt brown pants and dark brown loafers

For breezy late summer afternoons, layering our eco friendly cardigan over a button up can add just the right amount of warmth without being overwhelming. We’re in love with the way the Buttercream Beige pops against Tom’s outfit. You can’t go wrong with a simple button up, tapered pants, and sleek loafers or heels.

With A Comfy Conscious T-shirt and Mom Jeans
pink universal cardigan styled open over white t-shirt and ripped mom jeans
pink universal cardigan with hood up draped over the shoulder
Pink universal cardigan draped over the shoulder

For cool Spring evenings,  we recommend pairing the Universal Cardigan with a light T-shirt and your favorite mom jeans. You can always pull the hood up if it gets cooler. We really like how Jamaica draped the cardigan over her shoulder to create a more dramatic drape effect!

With An Upside Down Bikini Top & Baggy Pants
Black universal cardigan with hood up over black baseball cap
Black universal cardigan over brown bikini top and gray baggy pants
black universal cardigan with gray baggy pants and black sneakers

We’re suckers for bagging pants (maybe because our legs can finally breathe after years of suffocating in skinny jeans?) paired with cute crop or bikini tops! We love the edgy Sporty Spice vices Mariel is serving in our Classic Black Universal Cardigan! Because of how versatile the cardigan is, you can easily pair it with loose/baggy pants and a light bralette or crop top.

As A Sustainable Beach Coverup
Blue Universal Cardigan with hood up over white t-shirt and blue swim trunks
Blue universal cardigan wrapped closed over blue swim trunks
Universal cardigan over white t-shirt and blue swim trunks

To be honest, this will probably be the ONLY outfit we wear all summer long because there’s no way you’ll be able to pull us away from the beach or pool. A really neat aspect of our sustainable coatigan (as some like to refer to it) is that because of the TENCEL Lyocell blend we use, you don’t have to worry about getting sand on it at the beach! We like that we can bring the hood up when we need a little personal space from the sun and just cocoon ourselves in it in the evening. 

Tip: Style our cozy cardigan with your favorite conscious / eco-friendly bathing suit! Whether you opt for the upside down bikini top trend in a nice retro print or go with a more minimalist swimwear look, the Universal Cardigan will always look and feel just right. 

These are just some of the ways you can style the Universal Cardigan, but there SO many more. Every time we do a shoot, we see a model coming up with a whole new look, and it always looks fantastic. The important thing is to play around with it to figure out what styles you like best.

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